Update on my Life (Giveaway update)


Haha. I just thought that I would drop in & talk about two things real quick:

  1. The Book Giveaway I’m hosting
  2. My new Rep job

  Firstly, the bookish giveaway has now come to a close. I’m so thankful for everyone who entered on both my Instagram account as well as on this site (my blog). You guys are absolutely amazing & I love you all for the love and support you provide me with. I have compiled all of the giveaway entries, written them on scraps of paper, threw them into a fancy type bowl, & will be hopefully drawing the 3 winners tomorrow. After that, I will be working towards setting up the next giveaway! 

Secondly, I got a new rep job. The companies name is Belles, Bobbles, & Beads, & everything they make is handcrafted to perfection. It is a jewelry company & will be featured in a good amount of my book photography! I can’t wait for you all to see how beautiful this company is! I will be linking the companies website to my blog & also inside this post. Their Instagram name is:



  I would really appreciate if you all went & gave them a follow. Shop around..or even check out what they have posted so far! They are a pretty new company so bear with them as they get everything fully set up. 

That’s really all I have at this moment, to say. Thank you all once again for sticking around & dealing with my sometimes random posts or rants!




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