Sons of Ares Graphic Novel #1-6 Review

Series: Red Rising Graphic Novel

Genre: YA Sci-Fi 

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Pages: 162

Every story has a backstory. In the Sons of Ares Graphic Novel, the reader is finally given the backstory of Red Rising. In this prequel, the reader is thrown into Fitchner’s point of view. Fitchner is unlike any other Peerless Scarred, unlike any other Gold, unlike anyone that belongs in his part of society. He is a fighter for justice, & would die to have the life he wishes for. The Sons of Ares Graphic Novel uses illustrations to portray the ideas throughout the novel. With few words, the reader is allowed to read the story from a new perspective. This also allows the reader to feel fully immersed in the society that Fitchner, & later on Darrow live within.
Sons of Ares is a fast paced novel. The illustrations speak the most about the story line. This also means that everything happens super quickly. At times, this may have the reader feeling a little uneasy, & sometimes confused with certain events. Without the knowledge of the Red Rising series, this novel could feel a bit strange.
With that set aside, the reader gets a nice, & “sweet” view of what is contained in the Red Rising series. For a first time reader, Sons of Ares gives off a vibe that lets the readers mind start wondering, “what happens? Why is this important? Where does this leave Fitchner?”. These questions lead straight into the first novel of Red Rising by Pierce Brown & hold the reader until the very end of the series.
I personally received a copy of Sons of Ares from Netgalley, meaning that some of the words were blocked out. I’m not sure if this is because it was curse words, or because it was a decision that came with editing. I’m nearly positive it is because of curse words.
This by no means is a nice & sweet read. It is violent & as graphic as you could imagine fight scenes. The novel depicts blood, wounds, deaths, murders, you name it, it’s probably in there. Thankfully, the romance scene is kept to a minimum & none of the “trigger” subjects are in an abundance.
Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this graphic novel if the reader hasn’t read the Red Rising novels. Or if you have no plan to read them. As a stand alone novel, it doesn’t seem to make sense. Certain pieces would be best understood with previous knowledge of what is going on at say…the institute, the people, the status’, & other aspects that add to the overall feel of the story.


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