UPDATES: LSBBT, Repping, Life

Hey Warriors!

Here I am forgetting to tell you guys about something super exciting (for me…well kinda sorta…you guys will hopefully enjoy it as well…because it is totally, completely, supercalafragilistically bookish!) Anyways, this exciting thing is that I have officially joined the Lone Star Book Blog Tours as one of their bloggers! As many of you can guess, the novels that I will be covering with them are all written by writers from Texas! That’s my home state! Yay!

What exactly does this mean? 

Well, for starters, it will add some diversity to my blog. Not just in the type of book, but also with the type of writer. A lot of the time my blog posts consists of YA or some other overly done novel that is super amazing & hyped up. These novels wont always be overly hyped up which adds to the beauty of these blog tours. In my opinion at least.

Along with each blog tour, I will link you guys to other posts from other bloggers so that you can join their giveaways. As well as seeing more about the lovely novels that we are featuring. These posts are all being written by other Texas bloggers! The posts alter between a review of the novel, interviews with the author, giveaways, & even excerpts. You will see more about these kinds of posts as I get more involved.

My first post on one of these blog tours will be on January 27, 2018 & will be posted by 7:00 Am. So keep in tune so you don’t miss this extraordinary piece of art! This doesn’t mean that my blog will ONLY be these blog tours…it won’t. I’ll still be posting my reviews of those overly hyped up books that we all love so dearly. I will still be bragging immensely about “The Path Keeper” by NJ Simmonds (which will be getting a new book review by me soon because I received a physical copy which in turn means that I will be rereading it for the trillionth time lol.) Also, here is the link to purchase your own signed copy from NJ! http://njsimmonds.com/product/path-keeper-path-keeper-series/ On this site you can also read the first chapter of the novel! So, no…these blog tours wont be taking over all of my random stuff. Just adding to it. /

In other news, I will now be repping for two new companies. I believe I quickly mentioned one of them to you guys before. They are @bellesbobblesandbeads & @ camrynprints. Here are their Instagram links that link to their Etsy shops.




  A brief summary of each:

Belles, Bobbles, & Beads is a brand new jewelry company that specializes in earrings, necklaces, & soon to be bracelets. Their designs are gorgeous & perfect to tie together any outfit, for any occasion. I personally know the owners & they are the most caring, down to earth people you can ever meet. They strive to make their customers in any way possible.

CamrynPrints is a bookish based company that specializes in mugs, bookmarks, & even pillows & leggings! You can ask for custom work as well. Right now I have an order placed for an ACOTAR mug that says, “To the stars who listen, & dreams that are answered.” I’m also getting a few ACOTAR series bookmarks & a few other gorgeous designs! Some are even watercolored!! Yes I am super happy about those & my soon to be crystal cluster bookmark!

That is all the news that I have for you guys right now..because it’s getting kinda late. But I hope you guys go & check out these wonderful shops & stay tuned for my upcoming Lone Star Book Blog posts!




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