Book Battle – French

Hey Warriors! I have become a member of a book battle! I am in the French group of this specific battle. I am super excited & decided to prepare my book list now since the battle starts in just a few days! Ekk! Below are the criteria & the point value. I hope this battle clears out some of my TBR pile lol. February will be a super busy book month for me but I can not wait to start reading & rereading some of these wonderful novels!

Along with me updating you guys on this battle, I will also be posting the reviews for the books as I go. Hopefully, I can read one novel, review it, & then start the next…if nothing else I will be posting the reviews at the beginning of March.

  • Sequel (5 Points): Golden Son by: Pierce Brown
  • A Book from a Black POV (5 Points): The Hate You Give by: Angie Thomas
  • Mardi Gras Colors (green, purple, or gold) (5 Points): EverLost by: Neal Shusterman
  • Romance Book (5 Points): The Path Keeper by: NJ Simmonds
  • Fairy Tale Retelling (5 Points): Beast by: Donna Jo Napoli
  • Book with a Heart on the Cover (5 Points): The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by: Peter Swanson
  • Club Read #1 (10 Points): Reign of the Fallen by: Sarah Glenn Marsh
  • Club Read #2 (10 Points): Renegades by: Marissa Meyer
  • Club Read #3 (10 Point): Vassa in the Night by: Sarah Porter
  • 2018 Book (10 Points): My Name is Venus Black by: Heather Lloyd
  • A Book About or Involving a Sport (10 Points): Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone by: J.K Rowling
  • A Book with a Dog (10 Points): Throne of Glass by: Sarah J. Maas
  • A Book that Features Another Language (10 Points): Dead Girl’s Society by: Michelle Krys
  • A Book that Fits More than One Criteria (15 Points): A Hundred Weddings by Cathy Cruise (Has a dog & is a Romance)
  • A Book Set in the Place that Speaks your Team Language (French) (20 Points): Anna & the French Kiss by: Stephanie Perkins

*Books are subjects to change due to accessibility*


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