I am Venus Black by Heather Lloyd Review

Genre: Fiction, Crime Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction,  Domestic Fiction 

Pages: 370

Rating: 🌟🌟/5

“My Name is Venus Black” by Heather Lloyd is a story of a girl with a secret holding her to the past. The reader is taken through the fears & uncertainties  of Venus trying to fix what she continues to see as broken. Can we really ever escape our past? Are we destined to live in fear of the truth? Can we as humans, move on after our errors? In, “I am Venus Black”, the reader will be shown just how much faith we should have in moving along this current. 

  “I am Venus Black ”, is a story that definitely keeps you on your toes. To say it was a page turner, might be an exaggerated statement. It was only a page turner in a sense that I couldn’t figure out what I thought might happen. It went on for so long with what felt like useless information. Drawing out what Venus did, with very little detail made it a confusing read. Not to mention how many times we jump into another characters perspective without so much as a heads up. Personally,  I was constantly growing back and rereading some because I was trying to figure out the switch. Of course, I had an advance reader’s copy so that may be fixed with publication.  I really hope so, because the story had so much potential. 

 Aside from that minor detail, Lloyd created stunning characters who did provide some character growth. The reader is given a near perfect description of  a pained girl, trying to grow & recreate her life. The details were realistic, as were Venus’ interactions with her mother & even some of the other minor characters.

 There’s also the rush. Lloyd builds us up throughout the entire novel, by when it comes time to unveil everything…you blink & it’s over with. I won’t go much into this because I would end up giving spoilers, but man, it starts feeling like you’re heading to the downside of a rollercoaster right as it starts reaching its peak.

 When looked back, I probably wouldn’t read this book again because it didn’t draw me in as much as I typically would hope for. Would I recommend it? Yes! I would recommend this to anyone who might be struggling with a past, anyone who wants a slightly emotional read, anyone who wants a book that is more than a pretty story! It was a GREAT read, it just wasn’t my cup of tea, so to say. I do look forward to reading any further novels written by Llyod as well. I believe that she has great potential & could really become an everyday name amongst the book world.


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