The Story I’ll Never Write 

“It’s not like she was waiting for the perfect guy, at the perfect time. No. She was just waiting for the guy that would hold the door for her, the one who would kiss her when she got angry with him, the one who would see her for all her faults and messes & still cherish her. And for some reason, this man, this dweeb from two rows over, who laughed at the most inopportune times, was him. Mr. Right had been standing in front of her this entire time, & as she stared at him with wonder struck eyes, she knew that he wasn’t made for her. One day, he would have to walk away for the girl who was more than enough for him. Oh, how she hated that word. ‘Enough’, it was a slap to the face every time he muttered it. ‘You’re pretty…enough. You’re kind….enough. I love you…enough’. Enough, enough, enough.  Why was she always just enough to settle with until someone better came along? She wouldn’t allow herself to think of it any longer though. If she wasn’t ‘the one’ for him, then so be it. She wasn’t shallow enough to hold him in place. So, with carefully thought out words, she slipped her arms around his neck and whispered, ‘I’m so glad we’re just friends. I love you enough…’. Only then did she allow herself to hold on to him until her tears no longer threatened to spill her heart & soul in front of him.”
-“The story I’ll never write”



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