In Reality by Loralie Murrison Review

In Reality by Loralie Murrison

Genre: Fiction; Romance

Pages: 140

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟/5
 So, I’m sitting here thinking, “man I need me a novel that will make my heart get all crazy excited. One that will make me think I’m in love…secondhand love that is.” Then it hit me…I had a review copy of In Reality by Loralie Murrison chilling out on my tablet! Let’s set this mental image up for you guys. It’s 2 am, I just got my heart destroyed by Sarah J Maas, my best friend went & passed out on me…I should have just called it a night. I’m glad I decided to work though because Oh My Goodness…I finished In Reality in one night! Or was it technically one morning? Either way, let me just tell you a bit about this short novel.

 In Reality is a slight intake of what celebrities deal with. Elle Walker just wants a normal life where she can attend college. While Sean Dixon, a Holden Resident & town “bad boy” just wants what is best for his little brother. Both characters are thrown for a loop when they are suddenly drawn to each other. 

 Murrison created a sweet, & endearing  story of hope, & growing love. The characters do show some character growth, & Murrison looks like she could be a major upcoming writer soon. Personally, throughout the Nobel I kept thinking, I’d probably love to know Loralie more…if she’s anything like Elle, we would be great friends. She writes such strong female characters! 

 On a more technical side, In Reality does need work. There are numerous grammar, & editing errors. It’s small things that can be overlooked, but it is a tad bit distracting if you’re anything like me. There’s also the point that the novel feels rushed. It’s as if you’re watching the trailer of a super amazing novel…you see some of the best scenes, but you’re left in the dark with the context. I do believe that some of the novel could have been slowed down some, & given more filler details. Just to make it even cozier, & understandable. 

 I can see myself recommending this novel to a friend, but probably won’t be rereading it for myself. I do look forward to other works by Morrison. She can only grow stronger as a writer. Meaning her upcoming novels will be even stronger, & more amazing. 


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