To You, With…..Affection

Love encompasses a vast array of emotions that humans can only hope to understand. But there’s this strange occurrence about you. You make me want to live, & to die; to be made into something new. Hope & understanding linger with every breath you take. In your wake, you leave beauty, & to me, a stranger who laughs at the idea of some greater force, trembles because for once I have glanced upon a being whom I wish to love.

Feelings I never knew existed have started to surface when you’re around. As if you were the tide washing truth over the shores; depositing little embers within my very soul. You have shown me the path of pain & lose, as well as the path that leads to happiness. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the latter path looks quite remarkably like you. 

On days like today, tragedies strike, but you just smile ravishly. Sometimes it seems as if the world tries breaking you into tiny shards of yourself, but once again the world has failed. Maybe you were a concoction of the universe from the start. Resilient & strong, uncompromising & powerful, astounding & lovely. You hold the key to every desire that I have held locked away. With that sliver of metal, you’ve unlocked all that it means to exist; to live & to die. 

I choose you. In a world that has turned love into a joke, I claim you as the person to walk alongside me. Through the life I have tried running from, I wish for you to be at my side. As a guide, as a partner, as the one in which I adore. You have given me a reason to become something more. 




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