A Court of Frost & Starlight by Sarah J Maas Review

Series: A Court of Thorns & Roses

Genre: YA/Fantasy


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟/5

 CATCH UP TIME!! A baby sister is thrust into a grown up role, she cares for not only her two sisters, but also her father. One day in the woods, baby sis finds herself in some trouble. Some major stuff goes down that leads to Tamlin the Tool showing up and stealing baby sis away from the human lands. There’s some “In love you, I love you not, your enemy is my mate, jokes on you I played you….” And a ton of other crazy things that had Sarah J Maas fans bawling! Skip over some, & we see the world’s favorite couple and family fighting in a war that changes the world as they know it forever! *(to the glee theme) And that’s what you missed on A Court of Tears & Right in my feels! Oh…wait no…I meant A Court of Thorns & Roses.*

 Released on May 1, 2018, A Court of Frost & Starlight blew through the book world with impressive speed. That’s all anyone wanted to talk about, to read, to photograph for their bookstagram accounts. Maas promised that this novella would bridge ACOWAR to the next novel. She did not fail in this aspect. She didn’t fail at all because ACOFAS was every bit of beautiful wonder that we all love so dearly!  (Without all of the painful moments that tear us apart.) 

 As great as it was, and as pleasant of a read, this novella really just felt like a filler. It wasn’t necessary for the storyline but it did help out quite a bit to explain some of the previous questions that readers had. Such as that of where Rhys gets Feyre’s dresses from, what exactly happened to Mor, and so much more. The reader gets to join in on the Night Court’s Winter Solstice events, causing for a lot of oohs & aha moments as well as aww’s. 

 ACOFAS also allowed quite a bit of character development, and how some of the characters overcome some of their own mental issues, that probably wouldn’t happen very easily within the regular storyline. Except Nesta. What the heck is up with you, Nesta? She’s just there, being a major buzzkill, making everyone sad or annoyed. Jeez her character is so deep in self pity that she doesn’t even realize that she is hurting her own family! 

 On a completely unrelated note, can we all take a moment to appreciate that cabin wall scene?! My goodness! I’m not sure if that was so amazing because of all the scenes leading up to it, or if the world just needs a lot more Feysand, knock the photos off the walls, moments…I’m okay with both options. Then you have things like Feyre’s gift to Rhys! How perfect of a gift! The one thing her mate longs for…more than anything the thing he loves most, and she reveals it! It’s a total wtf  moment like, she sees all this bad mixed with good in it and he just saw it as beautiful … because RHYSAND HIGH LORD OF THE NIGHT COURT IS A COMPLETE AND UTTERLY PERFECT MALE!! 

 I’m going to reel it in & stop while I’m ahead because I will tell you EVERYTHING if I don’t. Go find you a copy of ACOFAS though! You won’t regret this super fast read! 


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