The Difference Between a Duck by R.L Palmer Review

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 208

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5
 There are just a few times that a poet has inquired a review from me. Poetry has always been a love of mine so I almost always accept review novels from poets, no matter what my scheduling looks like. This particular poet had sent the kindest, most heartfelt pitch to me and there was no looking back on it. I was excited to accept and then to find it waiting in my mailbox. I paced myself really allowing myself to dig into Palmer’s words. In his pitch, he told me that these pieces were a mix of his work from when he was my age (about 21) until recently. A span of 60 years if I remember correctly! It was astounding!

 I must admit that when I first opened the novel, I searched for any works done in 1996 (my birth year) and then allowed myself to read then as published and was not disappointed! Hopefully soon I can read them by the Each piece was stunningly crafted and contained many emotions that usually get left behind. This wasn’t just poems of live, but it was works from daily lice that every human can relate to. 

 The Difference Between a Duck is a book with numerous different styles. My personal favorite was the poem shaped as Texas (whoop woop home state!) There is a piece of work for everyone in this book! I highly recommend it to all readers because it gives another aspect that broadens our horizons. 

 Thank you once again Mr. Palmer for allowing me to glance into your life as a writer!


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