(Maggie, Book One)
A What Doesn’t Kill You
World Romantic Mystery

  Genre: Romantic Mystery
Date of Publication: March 6, 2019
Number of Pages: 270
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A hook-up turned lethal. A spurned, angry cowboy. Can rebel Maggie turn the tables before a killer adds her to the list of lost causes?

Washed-up alt-country rocker-turned-junker Maggie Killian is pulled to Wyoming by an irresistible force . . . former bull rider Hank Sibley, the man who broke her heart fifteen years before. When she unexpectedly meets his Sunday school-teaching girlfriend at a saloon, Maggie seeks liquor-fueled oblivion between the sheets of a younger man’s bed. But after her beloved vintage truck breaks down and leaves her stranded in the Cowboy State, she learns her hook-up died minutes after leaving their rendezvous. Suddenly surrounded by men with questionable motives, Maggie searches for the murderer while fighting the electricity between herself and her old beau, and her new penchant for local whiskey.

When the police zero in on Maggie despite a disturbing series of break-ins at her guest cabin, she realizes she’s got no one to rely on but herself. To keep herself happily in bars instead of behind them, she must stop the killer before the cops realize the man she really suspects is a jealous, angry Hank.

Live Wire is the first standalone book in a trilogy featuring sharp-tongued protagonist Maggie Killian from the addictive What Doesn’t Kill You romantic mystery series. If you like nerve-racking suspense, electric characters and relationships, and juicy plot twists, then you’ll love USA Today best seller Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ Silver Falchion award-winning series.


“Maggie is irresistible.” 
Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon bestselling
author of My Sister’s Grave

Interview with Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Your books have received multiple awards. What, would you say, is the secret to your success?

Yes, thank you! Saving Grace is the first book in the What Doesn’t Kill You world romantic mysteries. I’m currently working on the 16th book in the series. So, I’d say one of the main ingredients to the secret sauce is to write, write, and write some more. Sixteen novels in four years requires a brutal schedule. But, I think the real key is that I’ve tried to write realistic and compelling characters. I’ve put my dynamic female protagonists into a variety of sensational problems, added a touch of practical magic, and forced them to confront their personal demons.

Tell us more about the What Doesn’t Kill You series. Why did you title it this way?

The What Doesn’t Kill You series consists of fifteen (and counting) romantic mysteries. Each novel is independent but interwoven with the entire series. Most of the main characters appear in other novels and supporting characters make cameos all throughout the series. Within the whole series, each protagonist–Katie, Emily, Michele, Ava, Maggie and (coming soon) Laura–gets her own trilogy.
The second half of the statement “what doesn’t kill you” is “makes you stronger” and that really defines my protagonists. They are all women thrust into life-threatening danger, and they come out stronger in the end.

Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?0314 KRISTEN Author interview 2 of 37

I’m not sure I have any secret skills, but I do wear a lot of hats. In my former life, I was an attorney. When I wrote Saving Grace, I still worked full-time as an attorney, was training for a triathlon, and had a houseful of teenagers. So those were some white-knuckled years. But lately, if I’m not writing, I can possibly be found singing karaoke (pictured) at a nearby roadhouse or working on my weekly podcast, Wine, Women and Writing Radio.

What do you think is the most important part of creating seductive heroes readers can’t get enough of?

0314 KRISTEN Author interview 3 of 3

Hmm, good question. What is seductive is different to every person, so I err on the side of authenticity—what is seductive to me? I am a sucker for mystery, emotional intensity/capacity for great passion, and humor. Now, it’s no secret that my husband is a good-looking guy. I have nothing against good looks 😉 but I wouldn’t find him endlessly sexy if he wasn’t mysterious, passionate, and good to laugh with, even at the most intimate of times. I try to give my leading men a little of all three of those traits.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? What do you do to combat it?

Absolutely! I do get writer’s block. And the first thing I do is talk to my husband, Eric. He’s a huge part of my writing process. We plot the novels together and any time I hit a snag, he’s my go-to. We divide our time between Texas and Wyoming, so I have the luxury of taking a break and walking around our beautiful property with my pack of rescue dogs, or I go for a ride on my gigantic draft horse, Katniss. I also have a playlist of music for each character that puts me in the mood and mind of the main character. And I use clothing and jewelry to help me stay muse-based while I write. I discuss this in my blog post Touching Allowed.

Were any of your characters inspired by real people?

Yes. My friend, Natalie, inspired the sensational Ava who is introduced in Saving Grace. Ava is a sexy and gorgeous island native. But she’s also sophisticated and talented. She’s the type of woman you really want to hate but you just can’t because she’s so awesome. Ava appears in multiple books in the What Doesn’t Kill You series, and she was my most requested “write more” protagonist. Ava finally got her own books in the series and she’s showcased in Bombshell, Stunner and Knockout. In my blog post, How “made up” is Ava, Really? I talk about how my real life friends Natalie and Stephanie inspired my characters Ava and Emily.
I draw a lot of inspiration for characters and events from real life. In my recent blog post, Where Truth and Fiction Collide I give all the embarrassing details of going through a painful illness and hospitalization and explain how that ended up in Searching for Dime Box.

Can you give our readers a sneak peek of what is coming next from you?

I’d be delighted! Readers who subscribe to my monthly newsletter can get a copy of Act One, a prequel novella in the What Doesn’t Kill You series. It features all of the butt-kicking protagonists in the What Doesn’t Kill You world. I’m just wrapping up the Maggie series, and I invite readers to come take a sneak peek of Live Wire. Maggie also appeared earlier in the series, and my readers have been asking for her to take center stage. She has been a lot of fun to write. Like my other characters, Maggie has quite a bit of junk from her former life trailing after her, but readers can follow along as she solves crimes and pieces her life together. After a small and much needed break, I’ll begin the Laura trilogy. Laura is vastly different from Ava and Maggie, so I need a chance to decompress and switch gears.

Pamela Fagan Hutchins is a USA Today best seller. She writes award-winning romantic mysteries from deep in the heart of Nowheresville, Texas and way up in the frozen north of Snowheresville, Wyoming. She is passionate about long hikes with her hunky husband and pack of rescue dogs and riding her gigantic horses.
If you’d like Pamela to speak to your book club, women’s club, class, or writers’ group, by Skype or in person, shoot her an e-mail. She’s very likely to say yes. Connect with Pamela on the web.


Praise for Pamela Fagan Hutchins


2018 USA Today Best Seller

2017 WINNER Silver Falchion Award, Best Mystery

2016 WINNER USA Best Book Award, Cross Genre Fiction
2015 WINNER USA Best Book Award, Cross Genre Fiction
2014 USA Best Book Award Finalist, Cross Genre Fiction
2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-finalist, Romance
2013 USA Best Book Award Finalist, Business: Publishing
2012 Winner of the Houston Writers Guild Ghost Story Contest
2012 WINNER USA Best Book Award, Parenting: Divorce
2011 Winner of the Houston Writers Guild Novel Contest, Mainstream
2010 Winner of the Writers League of Texas Manuscript Contest, Romance
Signed paperback of Live Wire + eBook of Buckle Bunny + $5 Amazon Gift Card
Signed paperback of Live Wire + eBook of Buckle Bunny 
Signed paperback of Live Wire
Audio downloads of Fighting for Anna and Searching for Dime Box
March 6-16, 2019


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