Judy Alter
Genre: Cookbook / Cooking Tips / Tiny Kitchen
Publisher: Alter Ego Press
Date of Publication: November 6, 2018

Number of Pages: 132
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Gourmet on a Hot Plate is a collection of recipes and kitchen tips compiled after living for some time in a 600-square-foot cottage, with a tiny kitchen, no stove, no dishwasher, and barely any counter space. Given these limitations, Judy Alter developed a new approach to food, one that let her get in touch with the food itself. She does not have an Insta-Pot, an air-fryer, or a microwave. Her recipes call for using either a magnetic induction hot plate or a toaster oven. In the introduction, she explains her choices for making the best use of her tiny space.
The collection begins with appetizers because that’s where Alter began her new cooking adventure. Gradually she branched out to main dishes, light suppers, soups and salads, and vegetable side dishes. Most recipes serve two or three. There’s a suggested list of cooking tools along with lists of what to keep on hand in your tiny pantry, your refrigerator, and your freezer, and a small section on condiments and cooking hints.
These pages will guide you to making your own spaghetti sauce—or brightening up a jar of prepared sauce—to making last-minute casseroles and simmer-all-day soups. Want Stroganoff but can’t afford the expensive beef? Alter shows you how to make it with hamburger. Love tuna? She’s got recipes for you. Sections on pasta, eggs, and appetizer trays offer practical and helpful choices for casual entertaining.
Above all, this is a practical guide for cooking with joy when you find yourself in a tiny space.

Love cooking? Love the minimalist lifestyle? Your tiny kitchen doesn’t need to limit your gourmet dreams. Judy Alter’s Gourmet On a Hot Plate will inspire you with big ideas to satisfy everyone around the table. — Susan Wittig Albert, author of Queen Anne’s Lace

Whether you cook on a hot plate or have access to a full kitchen, this gem of a cookbook contains great recipes for those of us who cook for one. – T.R. Thompson

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How many people can honestly say that they have read a cookbook cover to cover? I couldn’t. Not until about a month ago when I sat down and devoured (pun definitely intended) Judy Alter’s, “Gourmet on a Hot Plate”. Mind you, my initial reasoning for wanting to review this book was because I was going through culinary school and I’m always interested in new ideas. As well as the fact that I could see my boyfriend using this cookbook so that he could cook in his room. With that being said, this book was going to be used as a learning experience. Which I feel is the only way to truly review a cookbook.
So, how did it go? I laughed so much when reading through Alter’s recipes. She has such a glowing personality that there were times I forgot that I was reading a cookbook. Most importantly, she’s so very human! Not one part of her cookbook gave me the impression that she thought higher of herself and I adored that! “Gourmet on a Hot Plate” is so easy to understand and follow along to. Every recipe is carefully thought out and that makes it a joy to recreate!
I may not ever be able to function so flawlessly with a Hot Plate or slow cooker, like Judy can, but she’s a joy to “cook” with! I highly recommend this 5 star cookbook! I also highly recommend Alter’s tip about a splash of vinegar in boiling eggs. Oh, and don’t forget to try those deviled eggs because God has blessed those suckers! This is a cookbook that will be kept on hand form many years to come in my ever growing kitchen!

Without formal culinary training, Judy Alter has cooked her way through life, feeding family and friends at everything from casual dinners al fresco to elaborate meals for twenty. An award-winning author and publisher, she jokes she’ll come back in another life as a chef.
Today Alter finds herself cooking in a four-by-six kitchen where zoning laws forbid built-ins but allow anything that plugs in. So she cooks with a hot plate, toaster oven, and a large refrigerator/freezer. Given these limitations, she has developed a new approach to food, one that she says lets her get in touch with the food itself. By choice, she does not have an Insta-Pot, an air-fryer, a microwave. Her menu choices are dictated by her cooking facilities—and she loves it.
She shares her tiny kitchen tips and recipes, developed over the past couple of years, in Gourmet on a Hot Plate. Alter is the author of three previous cookbooks: Cooking My Way through Life with Kids and Books, Texas is Chili Country, and Extraordinary Texas Chefs,and a contributor to Bake, Love, Write and We’d Rather Be Writing. Her recipe for Doris’ Casserole has been included in so many books it’s almost an American classic by now.
Be part of her ongoing cooking adventure at the Gourmet on a Hot Plate blog, where she encourages discussion and welcomes recipes, comments, and questions.
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  1. For someone like me who is all about less fuss in cooking, this sounds FABULOUS — and I love that you feel the author’s personality come through. Great review!


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