The Ultimate Choice

His constant manipulation is like an invasion. He swarms you with lies until the day we all die. He gives fear of a fiery life to the ones that die. Never does he mention the truth of a paradise. Imperfection and sin will be here again. And he fears this. For the day we gain happiness, he loses it all. He gets thrown into an abyss. Where we won’t hear him hiss. His lies will be smothered. And we won’t be bothered. For he knows how it ends, Jehovah will win. All wrongdoing will be banished and he will cause no more damage. So choose wisely and precisely. Because one cannot lie and the other preys on the weak. And breaks the strong. But together, we can prove the truth in this all. Jehovah, the creator, promises us love and hope. A life of never ending perfection. But he, Satan that is, will wipe us away and scatter our blood. There will be no peace or a retreat. He shatters us and laughs at our pain. With Jehovah there is so much to gain. With Satan, we will all be driven to our grave.


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