Site Make Over & Changes

Hey there Warriors!

It’s been a good while since I posted, or well…existed on here. Kinda just disappeared without explanation. Forgive me for that, please!

Anyways, what I’m here for today is something I’m excited for but also anxious about! Before I continue & explain this mysterious act that’s about to hopefully be inflicted, just know that I have put a great amount of thought into this decision. I’ve considered myself, my site, my vision for this page, as well as most importantly, you readers.

Changes are rarely easy. Hopefully this change won’t be to awful though. So what is it?

The Love of a Bibliophile will be rebranding and possibly going through a name change. This may also include moving the site to a brand new, sparkling website. With this new branding, the goal is to adjust more to my lifestyle while also being more useful to the readers.

What does that even mean, Kristen?

Well, it means several things. With the upcoming changes, I hope to also add a:

  • Lifestyle tab. The main focus of this site is, & always will be, books & the people who dedicate their lives to literary works. But as many of you know, I do review other products & items. Some that you guys have even asked to see. So, after some rather careful thinking & plotting, you will be able to find reviews on products ranging from makeup, to cleaning products, to everything in between as time goes on. The site will include a lifestyle tab that will contain these reviews as well as tags separating product types. Along with this lifestyle tab will be our next item of discussion…
  • Freebies, Giveaways, & Promotions. From now on, freebies, giveaways, & promotions will have their own category and placement. Within the reviews you will still be able to link to these amazing opportunities but along with those links, there will be a tag specifically for locating these opportunities quickly, and effectively so that you Warriors can also get goodies at home!
  • Contact form. In the past, I solely used my email as a means for you guys to contact me about PR packages, review inquiries, & random topics that you guys wanna talk about. That will still be an option, but as a secondary method (& hopefully an easier, more organized method) I will be adding a contact form onto the site so that no message gets left unread. I truly value the love, and support, and opportunities I get to share with each of you! I personally believe this will be one of the best upgrades I will be adding!
  • A new design. Not many of you actually care about this one but I do. I want The Love of a Bibliophile to be something you guys want to see. Something beautiful, elegant, and yet still fun, and whimsical. I personally don’t feel like the current layout and design incorporates any of those aspects. Which is saddening because at one time this layout was my dream. But as all businesses do, we must grow & move forward.
  • And more. There are a few more minor changes but this post already feels like it’s a trillion pages so I’ll leave the rest to be a surprise.

I look forward to seeing how these changes overall look, and feel for you guys, and myself. This won’t be an overnight event so I’ll *hopefully since we all know I’m not the greatest at frequent updates* keep you guys informed as the process happens.

Thank you to each and every single one of you warriors for the love & support you have shown me. I look forward to our new & upcoming future!


Kristen Pullin

FKA Kristen Dawn

Owner of The Love of a Bibliophile

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