Not Alone

Space may give you a shelter, & time may hold your tears. Silence may carry your burdens, & your conscience may listen to your fears. Solitude may bring you temporary comfort, & you may fight this war for years. Your mind may try to deceive you, & decisions may seem unclear. If you find yourself … Continue reading Not Alone



The world is still spinning gradually around its axis. Wind is once again shoving the trees in a tangled mess of leaves & branches. People are continuously laughing, & smiling, & living. As for me? I'm forced to glance upon the enraging sight of my mother crumbling as if she were a statue deteriorating due … Continue reading Mother

Emerson Page & Where the Light Enters by Christa Avampato Book Review

Genre: YA/Sci-fi/Fantasy (Kind of a mix) Pages: 260 Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars Emerson Page is a young girl who lost her mother when she was just a little girl. Throughout the years, she has searched endlessly for the murderer who took her mom's life without any trace of evidence. She's just gone..& Emerson … Continue reading Emerson Page & Where the Light Enters by Christa Avampato Book Review

Wonder by R.J Palacio Book Review

Genre: Children's literature Pages: 310 Ratings: 4/5 Stars In a world where humankind expects everything to be held according to an unspoken, set standard, August Pullman falls a little short. Auggie isn't your typical ten year old little boy. He suffers from a gene malfunction called mandibulofacial dysostosis, aka Treacher Collins Syndrome. This syndrome causes Auggie … Continue reading Wonder by R.J Palacio Book Review