The world is still spinning gradually around its axis. Wind is once again shoving the trees in a tangled mess of leaves & branches. People are continuously laughing, & smiling, & living. As for me? I’m forced to glance upon the enraging sight of my mother crumbling as if she were a statue deteriorating due to acid rain. The sight is unknown to me. She has always been made of the toughest material. Nothing could ever bring her down. Until now. Now she looks to be falling from the face of the Earth as water springs forward from her tear ducts, spreading a light, salty substance across the surface of her cheeks. Pondering what caused her so much pain is unimaginable. My fists clench at my sides for fear that they might find the source of her pain & wipe it away from existence. Was it a “who” or a “what”?  If I find them, I’ll get my answers, but for now, my mother curls into my side for comfort. She held me for so long, now it’s my turn to pick up her pieces & hold her together if she needs me to. My mother is a goddess. My mother is my hero…& I never knew she could have a kryptonite. 


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