Better Than This by C.G Coppola

Genre: YA Fiction; YA Romance

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟/5
Let’s do something brand new, and start with my recommendation first. As you can see above, I gave it three stars as a rating. That’s not that bad. If you’re a fan of Hush, Hush or Perfect Chemistry, then you MUST pick up Better than this by C.G Coppola. In all seriousness this novel is right up your alley because hello tall, dark, and mysterious…okay dark as in clothing but throw a girl a break here! Anyways, so yes, pick you up a copy because it’s adorable and also a bit emotional once you get invested.

 Now for characters! The main characters of Better than this are Autumn and Alex. (Alex’s last name is Wolf so if you’re a ‘90s kid such as I am, you may have some preset images of The Naked Brothers Band playing through your mind the ENTIRE time you read this…) it works though because Alex is an amazing musician and artist while Autumn is passionate about painting. Both characters are realistic, if you consider that they’re only sophomores and one is more innocent than my 13 year old brothers. No judgement. 

 The plot is … used. Not to be “that” person but, the plot has been used so many times that I could visualize other novels while reading this one. That’s not meant to be harsh, but really, the story is used quite often. What makes this one DIFFERENT from the rest though, you may ask? Well, the installs is way more instant haha. Our main characters would basically sell their souls for each other within a matter of seconds if asked. It’s a cheesy, adorable read though. The author doesn’t keep them locked in on room where they just have to steal air from each other by locking their mouths together awkwardly because this is still young teens we’re talking about. No. Instead, the author shows character depth while placing the characters in different situations that make them rationally figure out what’s next. It’s well thought out and doesn’t leave a sour taste for YA in the reader’s mouth. 

All in all, Better than this was pretty adorable and was a super fast read. I was done with it in 5 hours. OH, how dare you guys let me forget this next tidbit! THE AUTHOR IS PLANNING BOOK TWO! The back of the novel said that book 2, Better than now would be released in August!! I can’t begin to explain my excitement for book 2. I must read it because I truly feel like I absolutely have to know what all happens between Autumn and Alex to make such a strange prologue when clearly they’re a forever couple. Anyways, be sure to let me know what you think when you go snatch a copy of Better than this up because you obviously have to now. 

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